#SampleSunday FanFic: Vampire Academy

This is from a FanFic that I’ve been writing for Vampire Academy.  Check out my FacFic Page to read more.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Memories

My memory faded quickly when shattered by the muffled screams of a girl in house we were watching.  Her shrieks were muffled by the weight of sleep, and perhaps a pillow.  I did not react.  Then I noticed a change in the darkness of the room from which I had heard the scream.  Movement.  The other guardians, ten in all, were chatting with one another through our communication system.  I quickly called them to attention, and they fell silent at my command.

I heard a soft, melodic voice call out quietly, “Liss.  Liss wake up.”  The concern in the speaker’s voice startled me and all my muscles tensed in response to an unseen danger.

“Andre.”  The girl who screamed was now moaning, still lost in sleep, fearing evident in her mumbling.  “Oh God.”

The girl must be ‘Liss’ or Princess Valissa Dragomir.  The oldest survivor of a Royal family assumed the title suiting their status.  Since Valissa was the last of the Dragomirs, her rightful title became Princess, a title inherited when her family died several years ago.

“Liss, you aren’t there anymore.”  The first girl frantically sang.  “Wake up,” she pleaded, her voice sharpened by the worry of the nightmare that made the Princess scream.

It was easy to assume that the girl with the Princess was Rose Hathaway.  When I arrived at St. Vladimir’s, I was given a file on each girl, and I knew their histories well.  Rose was the daughter of the well known and highly respected guardian, Jeanine Hathaway.  According her file, however, she lacked the discipline and appropriate attitude to carry such a respected name.  Valissa was mostly a quiet individual, though her file was marred by the indiscretions that were certainly influenced by her loyalty to her misguided novice friend.

The girls had been best friends since they began school together at the age of 5.  Rose was with the Princess the night her family died in a car accident, and according to her file, it was a wonder that she survived.  A notation in the file indicated that their friendship became even closer after the accident, the two hardly seen separated, and Rose began to demonstrate protective behaviors  Alberta, the Head of the Guardians at the school decided to observe the friendship closely to determine if Rose could be trained to be Princess Valissa’s full time guardian following graduation.  A couple of days before the girls’ disappearance, they both began acting strange and Valissa seemed frantic and bothered.

Based on the information provided in the file, I held a very low opinion of Rose Hataway.  Being raised at the Academy, she understood the value and importance of the Princess.  The file made it clear that Rose’s defiance of authority was to blame for her disappearance and despite her frantic attempts to stop her friend, Valissa joined her when she left.  No guardian would endanger a Moroi as Rose had and I agreed with the school’s decision to expel Rose upon her return.

But there was something in the urgency of the movements in the shadows and the concern-filled plea of the girl that gave me a moment’s hesitation when I recalled my opinion of her.  Despite her record, could her intentions have been misunderstood?

With my heightened senses from my dhampir blood, I could hear the fear in the ragged breathes of the dreaming Princess.  As her breathing slowed, I stilled myself, not even realzing until that moment that I had begun to run to the girls.  I was at the edge of where the lights met the shadows now, visible, but I didn’t even dare to take the step backwards to conceal myself in the shadows.  My hearing was more sensitive than a human’s, but nothing compared to that of a Moroi.  Even one step could alert the girls to our presence, something we really didn’t want to do.

“It’s okay,” Rose comforted Valissa.  “Everything’s okay.”

“I had the dream.”

“Yeah.  I know.”  A hint of concern lingered in Rose’s voice and I wondered what dream haunted these girls’ rest.  Several moments passed an the girls breathing seemed to slow.  No movement in the shadows.  A light came on followed by no other indication that they were still awake.  I began to think the girls were asleep again and contemplated moving from the light when Rose spoke again.

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