Samantha’s Prayer

The shower favors I made with the first poem I've written since high school.

A wonderful friend of mine celebrated her pregnancy at her baby shower this past weekend. I was in charge of favors and I had this great idea to make vanilla sugar as a favor. I wanted to find a cute poem that I could include but nothing seemed just right. I found one poem that was okay so I decided to tweak it just a bit. After all was said and done, not a single word was from the original poem.

I don’t write much poetry. This is way outside of my realm. But I’m proud of it, so I thought I would share.

Samantha’s Prayer

Samantha is a miracle blessed to Brad and Kate.
A life to cherish and to love; a life we celebrate.
Lord, we pray you keep her safe, her soul so pure and sweet.
May her heart know Your love with each and every beat.
May her two tiny feet, with her tiny toes,
Lead her life to the path so You’re the God she knows.
May her little hands, and her little fingers, too,
Bring about Your will to others, so they know You’re true.
You’re the King of kings, Lord of lords, highest of the ranks,
We praise Your name, oh Lord, and for this girl give thanks.

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