Helping Indie Authors

There has been a lot of talk lately around #pubwrite and among my friends about the different things that we can do to help indie authors become successful. I have heard a lot of great suggestions–the simplest being to just buy an indie book. It makes perfect sense, really. But then I think about the books in my queue and the lack of time I have to read them. Of course, I could buy there book, but I can’t leave a review (another great suggestion to help promote one another) until I’ve read it. And let’s face it, that might not be until 2030 at this rate. So what can I do to help people now?

If I look back at the last 15 books that I’ve read, probably even further back than that, I’ve noticed a trend. They’ve all come highly recommended to me by friends. Just one. Not a sales clerk. Not a shelf in a book store. But by word of mouth. Sitting outside of the movie theater waiting to see Twilight, a friend asks, “Have you read Vampire Academy?” Describing frustrations about work to another, she says, “Have you read Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos?” And many more. All the way back to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (yes, I was a fan that early).

It seems so obvious to me, but really, it was an ah-ha moment.  Word of Mouth!  Of course.  I can’t help but think about the old pyramid schemes and how quickly, the con artist would claim, they could make you rich.  Why can’t we make that same concept work for us?  Many of my friends are always looking for a good book to read.  I usually fall back on my comfort stories when asked for suggestions.  But,  what if instead, I suggested a few indie authors.  And those friends made the same suggestions to their friends.

Word of Mouth has filled my bookshelves!  Why is it that only now have I thought to use it to fill others’ selves with my friends books?  So, in the spirit of spreading the word of good books or highly recommended books from good friends, may I suggest:

Loose Ends by @aj_powers

Gabriel’s Redemption by @SteveUmstead

In Memory of Greed by @threecifer

Asylum Lake by @raevanswrites

Dead Spell by @b_frisch

And for those of you more into adult books:

It’s as simple as buying the book yourself.  Recommend it to a friend or two!  (If I missed someone, you have a recommendation to make yourself, leave a comment!)

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  1. LoraJo…such a great, and often overlooked concept. Word of mouth really does work. It’s basically an endorsement, from one person to another, to green light the talents of those whose work you’ve enjoyed. Great post…and thank you so much for including me in your own “word of mouth” recommendations. Cheers!

  2. LoraJo, what a great post, and thank you kindly for the “plug!” It’s an incredible world out there, both for authors and readers. It seems daily I see a fellow author’s book I’d like to pick up and add to my Nook, which is seriously going to put me behind on Book 2!

    Thanks for your support and friendship, it’s a great crew we have there…now we need to get the word out even more to help fellow authors!


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