#SampleSunday April 3, 2011

Rebecca often spoke to me about her dreams and the dreams I would one day have.  I longed for the darkness when I could surrender to a deep slumber and allow my dreams of foggy uncertainty to consume me.  I searched them. For what, I didn’t know.  But I searched still.  She promised me meaning.  She promised understanding, and despite the years that passed with none, I knew her promises were true.

In the days following Abbott’s confession, the opaque emptiness of my dreams began to take more shape.  My reality, my future, was hidden in the thick haze, just out of reach.  For many nights, I searched the darkness, certain understanding would soon be found.  The nights passed, yielding little more than desperation.

After a fortnight of searching, the mist that danced around me, the darkness began to take shape.  Before me stood a man generously blessed in his appearance.  I reveled in his commanding presence.  His dark cotton shirt draped from his shoulders, with the loose lacing revealing the strength in his muscular chest.  His dark pants and boots where thick with evidence of travel, though his posture seemed free from fatigue.  His hair hung to his shoulder with a slight curl around the clasp of his traveling clock.  We stood and watched one another—never speaking, never moving closer—until the morning stole my slumber.

The hours in which I was awake were torture; I craved the darkness.  I craved the man whom it concealed.  I found comfort gazing upon his silhouette.  For many years, the churning emptiness gave way too little, but now it birthed hope and peace.  He and I met nightly, always the same.  Always in silence.  I searched the dream for comprehension of the mission my sister left to me, unsure who the man was or his purpose with me.  Each night, I searched for his eyes, the only description my sister left me of the man who I was to trust.  But he hid his eyes in the shadows, revealing nothing to me.    The knowledge I did have reassured me; Rebecca knew this man, she sent me to me.

The nights turned into weeks. Excitement flittered through my veins as the darkness would begin to envelope me for I knew it will lead me again to him.    I knew not to approach him, lest I scare him away, never moving near enough to chase the shadows from his face.   Rebecca promised he would come to me.  So I met him in my dreams and I waited.

The days became more laborious as I longed for the night.  I knew my affair with my dreams was unnatural, an abomination, but I cared not.  As I walked through town, I could feel the cobblestones beneath my feet, but was otherwise unaware of my surroundings.  My muscles followed the familiar path to the market each morning and my mind wondered.  I was vaguely aware that my obsession would be enough to upset my sister, but I was unable to break free from it.


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